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Krypcak Password Tool

Krypcak is a lightweight Windows (other plaforms in the pipeline) tool to protect files and messages with passwords. Krypcak also helps generate strong passwords and provides a secure way for storing them. The main properties of Krypcak are:

  • Easy-to-use, with a no-bullshit simple GUI requiring no configuration and offering no unnecessary options;
  • Fully auditable, meaning anyone can inspect the source code;
  • Fully documented, including a comprehensible user manual and a description of the cryptographic details;
  • State-of-the-art cryptography, implying strong (authenticated) encryption, password hashing and pseudo-random generation.

Why do I need to use Krypcak and not another tool?

Actually, you don't. There are other great free tools out there, such as the GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) for file and message encryption and KeePass for managing your passwords. We use GPG ourselves and you should try it as well - it really is not as hard as people might lead you to believe - there are nice GUI's helping easy deployment. For example, you can use it with Mozilla Thunderbird or Apple mail to encrypt your emails or try a portable version running from e.g. a usb-token.

Krypcak is simply another option which might just be what you or your organisation was looking for. What Krypcak is good at is password-based file/message encryption while automatically generating strong passwords and securely storing these.

Why making the source code public?

As a user of a security product you need to be able to trust the product. You should be able to decide yourself whether to trust the product - you should not have to take our word for it.

Why the name Krypcak?

Krypcak comes from Keccak. Krypcak excessively uses Keccak in duplex-mode as underlying cryptographic prmitive. Keccak was announced in october 2012 as the (basis for the) new hashing standard SHA-3.