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Information security consultancy

We offer information consultancy services to assist you in making sensible security decisions. Sensible in the sense that security controls should be economically justifiable. Enhance your security where it matters. Most likely, and contrary to what you might believe, you will not need tons of extra equipment to strengthen your security. Good configuration, employee awareness, skilled security staff, application whitelisting and proper segmentation on your networks and systems will go a great length.

We can help you get there.

Security audit

If you want to know whether your organisation is vulnerable, you need to test this. Are your systems configured in a secure state? Are your webapplications secure? Is your network sufficiently compartimented? Will you be able to detect and response to a breach of your security? Is your personnel trained properly and aware of the risks of being online? Are they aware of your security procedures?

We can help you in testing your security composure. From a review of your security architecture to performing penetration tests to see if there are weak spots in your defensive measures.